We Need Your Help


Please join us to help Senior Citizens in  Blair/Clearfield and City of Altoona

provide help 
when it’s needed the most and to those truly in need.  
Help us, help you, help them! 
Call 814-314-9919 rescuereliefforseniorcitizens.org 
Whatever you can contribute will be deeply appreciated. 
Rescue Relief for Senior Citizens serves Blair/ Clearfield counties and City of Altoona 
And we are asking additionally: 
➢ If you know of someone in your family 
➢ A friend that has free time on their hands?  
➢ Who doesn’t feel like they have a purpose in life?  
➢ Who doesn’t have a positive direction that they are going in? 
➢ Who has trouble with social skills?   
We would welcome you/them to join our organization so that 
together we can help those in need. 
LGBQT+ community welcome also! 
If there’s someone who has clerical, communication, computer skills, 
public relations skills and those that like to deal directly with the 
We say help us, help you, help them in many cases learning new skills 
and talents they didn’t know they had!!



Strong, able bodied people to help solicit for funds

A Lunch truck (any condition) to help us feed (give out/non selling) food