Rescue Relief for Senior Citizens

Resided at 2671 E. Cumberland St, Philadelphia, PA for 32 years 

Now has a PHILADELPHIA MOBILE OFFICE assisting the city of Philadelphia and the Great City of Chester!

Misson Statement

Providing help when it is needed the most for senior citizens and those truly in need

Charter No.       2025594

Federal I.D. No. 232647063

Registration No. 8715

Our Bylaws



  • All officers and associates will be in designated uniforms; professional      looking at all times
  • Dark blue uniforms
  • Full ID on each uniform 
  • Each solicitor will have and ID number & ID card
  • All soliciters will be field officers; leading volunteer associates
  • The field officers will be in charge of the soliciting
  • The conduct of our officers will be the proper conduct at all times
  • Field officers and associates will hold workshops to improve how our organization can serve better
  • All donations will be used for the organization & emergency      assistance for senior citizens
  • In additional to that, those that are truly in need, we will be soliciting for can goods, non-perishable items that haven't expired
  • All food donations will be inventoried with the value of the particular item(s)
  • Carts will be used to collect any food donations 
  • From time to time a vehicle will be used to collect food items
  • Each field member and associate is required at least once a month to give a pull up.
  • A pull up: When you notice that someone in the organization is straying away from the values of the organization.
  • For the people, by the people, to serve the people

In response to anyone we come in contact with, we are to be polite, courtious & professional. Anyone who wears the uniform represents the organization at all times.