About Us


We are dedicated to helping those in financial hardship. And those truly in need. We feel that no one should go hungry. And those that need help, strive to do our best to assist. All donations make a difference and truly do help and are greatly appreciated. It's not just a donation, it's an investment in your fellow man. We receive donations/gifts to help those in need.


When our solicitors go to the door, there are two people dressed in a professional uniforms and ID's. Also, we go to businesses as well. When there's a group of solicitors we have a field officer that has to oversee the volunteers that would be working. That is for homes only. There won't be multiple people doing stores; just two. The volunteers would be more into distribution of the non perishable food at the designated time then soliciting. The volunteers would be either distributing food or soliciting; not both. 

And just to clarify, we only assist those those truly in need with a check. Depending on our budget determines how much we can give out. 

We do not however help out with rides to anywhere.


If you would like to donate a work van, mini van or suv in running condition (tax deductable), would be appreciated and needed. Please click the button below.


If you are in need of help, please click on the button below,


If you would like to help us help those to make a difference and join our organization, please click the button below.